Troopers Highlight School Safety Efforts



August 29, 2022

Troopers Highlight School Safety Efforts

Greensburg, PA – In our ongoing effort to assist school administrators with providing a safe learning environment, members of the Pennsylvania State Police are prioritizing school and school bus safety throughout the Commonwealth.

Since August 22, members of Troop A have conducted at least 151 Domestic Security Checks of public and private schools throughout the four-county Troop A region. Such checks are conducted each shift and may include walk-throughs of school buildings and lunch visits with students.

“Walk-throughs and school lunch programs have proven tremendously helpful in the past,” said Captain Joseph Loughran, Commanding Officer, Troop A, Greensburg. “Our members learn the layout of the schools, staff and students get to know our members, and relationships are established for contact if and when issues do occur.”

Troopers will also be devoting a portion of their shift to following school buses as they pick up and drop off students throughout the region. Patrol Unit members will specifically be monitoring morning and afternoon school bus routes for violations of Title 75, Section 3345, Meeting or Overtaking School Bus. Upon conviction, the penalties for a violation of this section include a $250.00 fine, a 60-day driver’s license suspension, and 5 points on the motorist’s driving record.

We would also like to remind students and their parents/guardians of the Safe2Say Something PA program administered by the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General. As reported by the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, students in Pennsylvania have reported over 80,000 tips to the Safe2Say program since the program was implemented in 2019.

The safety of our students and schools is a community effort and we would like to wish all of the students, teachers, school administrators, coaches, and staff a safe, healthy, and successful school year.

MEDIA CONTACTS: Troopers Steve Limani, 724-832-3288, and Cliff Greenfield, 724-357-1998, Twitter: @PSPTroopAPIO

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